What is the Fringe Programme

What is the Fringe Programme

The Fringe programme is an important part of the National Arts Festival in South Africa, and refers to a series of performances and events that take place alongside the main programme. The Fringe is an open platform for artists and performers to showcase their work, and is an important avenue for emerging artists and independent productions to gain exposure.

The Fringe programme operates on an open-access basis, which means that any artist or performer can apply to be part of it. There are no curatorial restrictions, and artists are free to present work across a range of disciplines, including theatre, music, dance, visual arts, and performance art. The Fringe provides a unique opportunity for artists to experiment with new ideas, take creative risks, and build a following.

The Fringe programme is an important part of the National Arts Festival, and has become a key feature of the festival's identity. It offers audiences a diverse and eclectic mix of performances, and plays an important role in promoting artistic freedom, diversity, and innovation.

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