This may be for one of several reasons.
1) You may not be signed in to your account - please check that the top menu bar says "Log Out" as this means that you must be logged in.
2) You may have forgotten to log off your account on one of your devices before you log into your account on a different device.
3) Your ticket may not have been activated. Please click on "Log Out" once to see your profile account, then click on "Orders" and check that a Full Access Pass (or single access pass if you are watching just one session) has been purchased and linked to your account successfully. You don't have to try this step if you have been successfully registering for live events.
4) You are trying to access an event that hasn't been released yet. Please look at the grey box at the top of the Event page to check the release date/time to check if it has been released yet. If it has not been released yet you will only see the trailer until the release time.
If you have tried these steps but still can't access the performances then of course let us know via the help button and we can look into this further for you.